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Assignment: Week of March 7th

Well, we asked for it, and we're going to get it!

Since I actually was rather amused by the women's team pursuit quarterfinals of speed skating during the olympics this year, I thought I'd use that as a first subject: speedskaters! Any number, any gender, and ridiculous outfit. Take a go at it :-)


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

If you can't access the photos, have a look at this:
google image search results!

have fun! :)
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It's a Grand ReOpening

Just without the sale or anything. Cockeyed Art will be starting up again, with a few changes to the rules.

This basically is, we're no longer limiting weekly ideas to Final Fantasy figures, or even video game figures. Anything you can post a reference picture to for us work from is fair game now.

I am still highly against posting nude reference pictures of famous real people, no matter how good their abs or butt may look. But I'll leave that to the discretion of other participants to decide on. ;-)

As a reminder of how this works, basically one of us on call posts a reference for the week, and the rest of us have the rest of the week to interpret that reference in our own way, using our own mad art skills, or lack thereof. Since the purpose of this community is to improve your artistic skills, it's highly recommended that you tackle the assignments in a format or medium you are NOT comfortable with, so you can learn.

We'll be starting next week (March 7th) and go on a Sunday-to-Sunday basis. Anyone who is interested in taking part in the rotating schedule of assignment-giving, make a post here and you'll go up on the roster!
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Interim Update

Dear Fellow Lovers Of The Cock,

As might be obvious, this comm is on a bit of a hiatus. rosencrantz is far from her computer, slowly trekking her way across the terrible wilds of Pennsylvania (to my house!), and will be pretty completely unavailable for the next few weeks. katmillia and first_seventhe have been enjoying a series of conventions, vacations, and weekends away from home or with family. It's a busy time for us, and uh that's kind of just the way it is.

However! This note is just to mention that we have no intention of abandoning the community (well, at least, I don't). katmillia and I will be back in action after our cruise (!!!!!!!!!!!), the weekend of 04-08 September -- so expect an assignment post around 15 September. I don't know when rosencrantz will actually return but as she is the most reliable member of this community I'm not really worried about her, haha.

If anyone wants to be in charge of interim assignments, let me know and we could work something out. Otherwise, anything you draw can be submitted here for one super huge Exhibition Post once we come back and start up the comm once again!

Keep drawing, guys, and we'll see you in mid September with more awesome assignments and cock jokes.

Week 32 Assignment

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say there is no assignment for week 32. This is because 2/3 of our mods will be gone for four days this week, along with a good portion of our drawing members. SORRY, BUT OTAKON IS HERE! (plz read: by Otakon, we mean copious amounts of alcohol)  Since I am here a grand total of two (2) more days this week, and clearly will NOT be spending those days doing anything other than freaking out/sewing/packing/and dropping my puppy off with my parents, this can be another make-up week! I know! How utterly lame! Lame-tastic! Lamesauce!

So, here is another make-up week, so get those fingers busy and hope your mods don't blow too many brain cells by shotgunning booze this weekend in the company of ridiculously awesome cosplaying friends. Shenanigans! Perhaps more cracky crossover pairings will result from this like last time! (Reno/Rydia FTW!)

Also possible: draw your friendly mod katmillia a birthday present! Yay! She is turning 24 on Sunday! Boo!  She likes cock, hilarity, hot men, hot women, boobies, and cock!

Okay, but seriously, sorry for the lack of participation from your mods as of recently; it's a helluva busy month for ALL of us. :)
FF8: Edea - childhood is over

Week 31 Exhibition

And here we go!

First, we have Ultimecia by cumuluscastle
and also Ultimecia by me (rosencrantz

And Zack pulls in last, getting very little love because of a distinct lack of boobies:

Zack on vacation by cumuluscastle

Good work this week! If anyone wants to submit late Ultimecia-eating-Zack bonus artwork, you get brownie points from me. ;-)

I believe next week up is katmillia, so look out for it!
FF8: Squall - what now

Week 31 Assignment


Sorta... anyway, here's your assignments for the week :)


Zack from FF7: Doing the splits Looking emo Dead and concept art


Ultimecia from FF8: Looking hot Applying her makeup concept art and If you want a challenge, draw her like this

Happy boobies drawing!

*if we really want a gender bending week, someone has to assign Cloud and Adel in the same breath.