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Final Fantasy Weekly Fun Art Challenge!
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Final Fantasy fanart - weekly prompts
Final Fantasy Fanart - weekly sketchathon!

How The Community Works: Weekly Schedule

(1) On Monday, there will be a new assignment posted containing one male and one female from a Final Fantasy game, along with references.
(2) During the week, you draw at least one of the characters and post it in a comment to the original entry.
(3) By the following Sunday, there will be a summary post containing all the art from the previous assignment. We'll also announce who is in charge of the next assignment.
(4) Once a month, there will be an extra-special bonus assignment for fun.
(5) At any time, you can submit artwork to a previous challenge.
(6) Cock.
(7) On Wednesdays, there will be Discussion Posts. You may make cock jokes. Anyone can contribute.

Community Rules

Basic Rules
  • Don't be an asshat. This is the most important rule.
  • Anyone can join. Anyone can post art in a comment on any weekly entry, even an old one. Basically we're open to anyone, except asshats.
  • This is for fun! No crit or concrit unless it's asked for by the artist. If it is requested, keep it civil and be helpful. If not, keep your mouth shut. Squees are always appreciated!

    Rules for Assignments
  • Two choices must be posted every week, one MALE (ish) and one FEMALE (ish).
  • Characters have to be from FF or FF-related games only.
  • Reference pictures must be posted in assignment posts, under an lj-cut.

    Rules for Art and Posting Art
  • All drawings have to be done during the week of the assignment. You can finish an unfinished work if you want, but no posting old, completed artwork.
  • Comment on the assignment post with a link to your artwork. Please put Character/Pairing and RATING in the header of the comment.
  • If art is NSFW, definitely use warnings and links. Do not post NSFW artwork directly into the community.
    If you want art to be listed on ff_press, it will need its own LJ post along with headers containing character(s)/pairing(s) and ratings. You can post art in your own LJ (or an art LJ) and then link us to it in a comment on the assignment post.

    Rules for Discussion Posts
  • Discussion Posts can be on anything - feel free to request a specific topic from a mod if you'd like to see a particular discussion.
  • Don't be an asshat. If someone posts a Discussion Post about drawing hands, don't comment and say "Your hands suck".
  • Anyone can contribute. Even if you don't think you're good, we'd still like to hear what you have to say. tl;dr is always welcome here!

    Current Activity

    Current active fandoms include: IV, VI, VII(etc), VIII, IX, X/X-2, XII.

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